CMS Development

Custom content management system with user experiences specialized for the domain we are dealing with and features far beyond what out of the box CMS systems like Wordpress allow. Systems are real time and allow for custom targeting across various demographics and location profiles.

Kiosk and Standalone Interactive Marketing Systems

Our experience in producing embedded systems helps us in coming up with unique marketing solutions like kiosks and standalone interactive informational or interactive marketing solutions. We aid our customers in everything from making the right choice in hardware to selecting the right software stack to power these systems.

Embedded Systems Development

We work with clients to address their unique needs with respect to hardware and software and help in sourcing custom electronic equipment and building unique software on aforementioned hardware. An example would be custom point of sale systems.

Real-time Monitoring Systems

Vibsha has deep experience in building Real time monitoring systems for a variety of applications. These systems can also be used to remotely control the deployed devices in a limited fashion.

Real-time Streaming Applications

Real-time audio and video streaming applications that can scale with your users and be cost effective to deploy.

Cloud Based Applications

Massively scalable cloud based applications across various deployment zones with real-time data calculation and metrics tracking.

Mobile Applications

We specialize in creating mobile applications for all platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Ubuntu and Windows phone.